Im Goin' To Praise Land
Production Code
Episode Number
06 May 2001
Julie Thacker
Chuck Sheetz
Executive Producer
Mike Scully
Jimmy Heenan
Plot Ned Flanders is reunited with his old flame, Rachel Jordan, from the episode, "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily". She stays at the Flanders house with him, and leaves briefly after Flanders moulds her into his deceased wife Maude's image. Ned realizes that he needs to break his obsession with Maude. And sure he does, by having the Simpson family remove every reminder of Maude he has in his house, although Homer has a thing for putting Maude's things in the wood chipper, except for one: a sketchbook of designs for a Christian amusement park, Praiseland. With the help of the family and several Springfield citizens, Flanders builds Praiseland as a tribute to Maude, on the site of the abandoned Storytown Village (from "Lisa the Vegetarian").

However, after Praiseland is established, it becomes very unsuccessful. But when a mask of Maude rises up in front of a Maude statue, the visitors who leave think it is a miracle. Eventually, anyone who stands in front of the statue (which Ned calls the "Miracle Maude", which he says will raise money for an orphanage) has a vision. However, Ned finds out that the cause of everyone's "visions" is actually a gas leak. Ned reluctantly shuts down Praiseland, but it allows him to go on another date with Rachel Jordan.
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