The Girl Who Slept Too Little
Production Code
Episode Number
18 September 2005
John Frink
Raymond S. Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When a stamp museum is going to be built on the area of the Springfield Cemetery, it gets moved next to the Simpsons and Lisa's room is the only one which faces it. Lisa becomes too afraid to sleep in her own room so she sleeps with Homer and Marge. Homer and Marge try to convince Lisa that her room isn't scary by sleeping in there themselves but they too get scared. The following night Lisa goes to the cometary and intends to stay the night there. Marge and Homer come after her, but Lisa hits her head on a gravestone and is knocked out. Lisa has a concussion which leads her to the Land of the Wild Beasts. Which is the first book Lisa read all the way through. The beasts tell Lisa that its natural for her to be afraid and she should close the drapes. Lisa is cured of her fear just as Homer and Marge find her the following morning.
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