Homer's Paternity Coot
Production Code
Episode Number
17 December 2005
Joel H. Cohen
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When an Ice Cap melts around Mt. Springfield, it reveals a frozen Mail Man frozen in ice in the sixties. Mona gets a letter delivered to the Simpson home. Since she ran off, Grampa reads it. It turns out that Grampa may not be Homer's father. Homer starts looking for a lifeguard, who's name starts with M, as disclosed by the letter. Homer finds out that M is Mason Fairbanks (voiced by Michael York), taking a DNA test, it turns out that Mason Fairbanks really is Homer's father. Going on a treasure trove, Homer and Mason head to the ocean floor to find the Emeralds of Pezo Mahado. But Homer loses his way and hits his head, he realized that Abe is his father, at the hospital Grampa reveals that he switched the DNA tests to Homer.
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