The Wettest Stories Ever Told
Production Code
Episode Number
23 April 2006
Jeff Westbrook
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot During Dinner at the Frying Dutchman, Lisa, Bart and Homer tell each other stories about three sea stories that all end in disaster.

Lisa tells a story about the MAYFLOWER, as Homer runs onto the Mayflower, Marge, Bart and Lisa help make sure that he does not get killed. On the voyage, Homer falls for Marge, but Moe keeps getting in the way. Moe gets Homer drunk and Homer home is put in stocks when Ned Flanders is knocked out. Homer drives the ship to land. He is then appointed to look out, where they finally reach America.

Bart tells the story of the BOUNTY, when Principal Skinner pushes his crew too far, after a trip to Tahiti, Bart leads a mutiny against him. When Bart throws out the wheel, the ship crazes in the Antarctic.

Homer's story takes place in the 1970's on the NEPTUNE, captain Mr. Burns, when the ship capsizes, The Simpsons, Lenny, Carl, Selma, Comic Book Guy, The Old Jewish Couple, and Sideshow Mel take an adventure to the hull, where some die slowly along the way.
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