Bart has Two Mommies
Production Code
Episode Number
18 March 2006
Dana Gould
Mike Marcantel
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Ned Flanders wins a computer in a rubber duck race, he gives the computer to Marge, to repay Flanders, Marge agrees to babysit Rod and Todd while he attends a left handed expo. While babysitting, Marge finds out that Flanders is being too overprotective of his boys, and when he finds that Todd cut his finger a little, he forbids Marge from seeing his boys. At the same time, Bart is kidnapped by a monkey named Tut-Tut. Marge tried to persuade the monkey to give Bart back, but to no avail. Tut-Tut takes Bart to the top of the Church which is having an attachment of sorts added. Lisa says that Mr. Teeny will help because he's Tut-Tut's son, Rod climbs up to take Mr. Teeny to Tut-Tut, Marge convinces Flanders to let Rod do it and he manages to rescue Bart, Bart then convinces Rod to say that he's gay.
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