The Monkey Suit
Production Code
Episode Number
14 May 2006
J. Stewart Burns
Raymond S. Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot On a family outing to the museum, The Simpsons push in front of Flanders and soon everyone does, it takes forever for Flanders to get to the front of the line and by the time they do, the exhibits closed, instead they see an exhibit about evolution. Flanders is disgusted that there is no reference to the bible. Flanders speaks with Rev. Lovejoy who both force Skinner to start teaching Creationism. Lisa is out raged and in a town meeting, the theory of evolution is abolished in Springfield. Lisa starts to teach a small group about Evolution, and is arrested. During the trial, Marge brushes up on the theory, that persuades Flanders that Homer is the missing link between monkey and man.
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