The Seemingly Never Ending Story
Production Code
Episode Number
11 March 2006
Ian-Maxtone Graham
Raymond Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When exploring a cave, Homer makes a hole in the ground and ends up getting trapped in the ceiling of a chamber in the cave. While Marge, Bart and Maggie search for a way out, Lisa tells Homer a story of where a Long-Horned sheep attacked her and she sought refuge in Mr. Burns' attack here Mr. Burns told Lisa a story of how he ended up taking a job in Moe's, Burns found Moe's death letter, where Moe tells Burns the story of his treasure. (So Lisa is telling Homer, the story that Burns told her, the story that Moe told him) Mr. Burns finds the treasure being spent on the jukebox which Burns uses to buy back his fortune except the Nuclear Plant, because he needs a picture of himself with a smiling child. The sheep manages to get into the attack and Burns defends Lisa, but he is attacked and out for the count. The goat then goes for Lisa, but instead it yields Lisa's pearl necklace. So the sheep tells Lisa the story of how it found the necklace. Lisa then wants to take a picture of her and Burns. Burns uses the photo to get back the Nuclear Plant because Lisa is smiling.

When Lisa is done telling her story, Bats eat Homer's legs and he becomes free. Just as the Rich Texan, Mr. Burns, Moe and Snake duel it out for the gold that Moe had stolen from Snake. Marge grabs the gold and sends it down a shaft. They then all forget their differences and celebrate by volunteering for a youth center in Shelbyville. Except Burns who goes after the gold. It turns out that the whole story was a reason to why Bart didn't study for his Geography test.
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