Milhouse of Sand and Fog
Production Code
Episode Number
25 September 2005
Patric M. Verrone
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Maggie is diagnosed with Chicken Pox. Ned Flanders suggests that Homer and Marge throw a Pox Party, to infect local kids. While at the party,Milhouse wonders into see Luann and Kirk making out. Kirk and Luann tell Milhouse that they are going through a trial un-separation.However, Milhouse prefers it when they were separated. Bart and Milhouse plant one of Marge's bra's in Kirk and Luann's room, however it doesn't work and separates Homer and Marge instead. Lisa catches on and tells Bart to tell Marge before she does. He does, however, Marge wont let Homer return. Bart and Milhouse come up with a plan to get Homer and Marge back together. Bart and Milhouse get Marge and Homer to a jagged cliff and Milhouse is to pull a dummy Bart into a river,however, Milhouse screws up and pushes the real Bart down instead.Homer and Marge rush down and save Bart, Homer dives into the water,using Homer as a makeshift raft, Bart reveals that its all his fault to Homer. Marge comes up with a way to save Homer and Bart from going over a waterfall. Marge and Homer make up again.
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