Treehouse of Horror XVI
Production Code
Episode Number
05 November 2005
Marc Will Killmore
Godzilla vs. Silverman
Executive Producer
Al "Family Guy" Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot B. I.: BARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE: When Bart falls into a coma after falling out of a window, the family replaces him with a robot named David. During the night, Bart recovers from the coma and returns home secretly. Bart and David do not get along and are constantly fighting, Marge tells Homer to do something and leaves Bart in the woods to fend for himself, where he meets some friendly robots, during the night Bart steals various parts from the robots and becomes one himself. Bart destroys David and moves back in, Homer however, sliced in half by Bart has to use David's legs.

SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST: Homer is invited by Mr. Burns to join a hunting trip, little does he know that it is actually a TV show. Mr. Burns chases Springfieldian men around a field for a day, where Marge eventually knocks Smithers and Burns out with frying pans.
I'VE GROWN A COSTUME ON YOUR FACE: A witch turns the Springfieldians into their costumes that they are wearing at the party, Lisa, dressed as Einstein tries to figure out a way to reverse the spell, until Maggie, who is now a witch, uses a spell, many Springfieldians want to be changed back, while many dont, Maggie cant decide so she turns them all into pacifiers.
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