The Italian Bob
Production Code
Episode Number
17 December 2005
John Frink
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Mr. Burns buys a new car when his current one breaks down. To save money, Mr. Burns sends The Simpsons to the factory in Italy to ship it back to Springfield, but Marge wants to do some exploring. When Homer gets the car flattened by Mortadella, Homer, Marge and Bart have to push it into a quaint Italian village, but only the Mayor speaks English. They go see the Mayor, but it turns out that the Il Mayore of the down is Sideshow Bob. Sideshow Bob (Voiced by Kelsey Grammer) tells the family his story on how he ended up in the village, and, he now has a wife, Francesca, and a son, Gino. The Simpsons promise not to Bob's family that he's a homicidal psychopath if he fixed their car. He agrees. At the Simpsons leaving party, Lisa gets drunk and reveals Bob's identity, Sideshow Bob swears a Vendetta. Sideshow Bob, Francesca and Gino chase the Simpsons across Italy, and the Simpsons are saved by Krusty.
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