Girls Just Wanna Have Sums
Production Code
Episode Number
23 April 2006
Matt Selman
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Principal Skinner badmouths girls at a Itchy and Scratchy musical, Springfield Elementary is given a new principal, the new principal quickly splits the school in two, one for boys and one for girls. Lisa doesn't feel challenged so Marge offers to help Lisa disguise herself as a boy to study in maths, going under the alias of Jake Boyman, but everyone just calls her "Toilet". Lisa survives a few hours on her own as a boy, but she gets beaten up by Nelson, when Bart finds out, he offers to help her, Lisa becomes more like a boy than she intended and ends up punching Ralph. At the achievement awards Lisa wins an award where she finally reveals that Toilet is actually a Lisa Simpson! Lisa discovers that its good to be a girl and during the flautist, Lisa hits Martin in the head with a chair.
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