Lost Verizon
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
05 October 2008
John Frink
Raymond S. Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Denis Leary
Brian Grazer
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Bart discovers that every kid in Springfield has a cell phone, Bart tries to talk Marge into buying him one but fails. Instead he works at the local country club gathering Golf Balls for a dollar each, but Groundskeeper Willie catches on and confiscates his balls, Bart is about to give up hope. While Dennis Leary is playing a round of Golf, his phone rings, annoyed he throws it away and it lands near Bart who claims it for himself. Bart uses the phone to make dozens of prank phone calls as Leary. <br /><br />Marge discovers that Bart now has a phone and confiscates it from him, while getting advice from Leary to give the phone back to Bart and then use the tracking function to track Bart's movements. Lisa discovers what Homer and Marge are doing and tell Bart as it is a violation of his rights. Bart takes the chip out of the phone and attaches it to birds leg. Homer and Marge think that Bart is running away and chase after him. While Homer and Marge are looking for Bart in a field, Lisa finds out who they are really chasing, and discover that the bird is migrating south to Machu Picchu, a place Lisa really wants to visit, seizing the opportunity, Lisa tells the bird to continue the journey and arrive in Machu Picchu where Marge learns that she has to allow Bart to fend for himself, and not mother him so much. When the family comes home, Bart doesn't want Marge to leave again, they also end up leaving Maggie behind
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