Gone Maggie Gone
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
15 March 2009
Billy Kimball
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Chris Clements
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Ed Begley
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Sisters of St. Terresa
Plot When Marge is blinded in a Solar Eclipse she has to remain blindfolded for two weeks. Lisa and Homer find that rats have taken over the kitchen so Homer, along with Maggie and Santa's Little Helper go buy some poison but Maggie keeps reaching for the poison, and the dog keeps reaching for Maggie's Doll. At a lake, Homer leaves Maggie on the door step of a convent while he transports the dog and poison in his boat. The Convent notices and refuse to give Maggie back to Homer to care for her. <br /><br />At home, Lisa makes a plan to go undercover as a nun while Homer has to keep Marge from noticing that Maggie's disappeared, by disguising his arm as Maggie. At the convent, Lisa is told that if she found the jewel, she will find Maggie. Lisa follows several clues behind the organ, of which is to find Springfield's Biggest Man-Made Ring. <br /><br />Lisa finds that the biggest ring would be caused by the Springfield's Biggest Bell, where Principal Skinner and Comic Book Guy follow her there and the find that the bell is paper machee and that the biggest ring is really the "RING" in the Springfield Sign. At the sign, they run into Mr. Burns who's been after the jewel. Where they come across a Latin phase which is really an anagram. They discover that the jewel, is Lisa. <br /><br />At the convent, Lisa announces that she is the gem, but upon re-arranging the anagram again, it turns out to be Maggie. At sunrise the light shines through a window onto Maggie's bow which sheds out multi-coloured rays which leads to Springfieldians setting their differences. <br /><br />Marge then comes bursting in having known that Maggie was missing the entire time. While it would be nice for piece in Springfield, Homer and Marge takes Maggie home. Homer gives them a new gem-child which happens to be Bart, which as always, is a devil child.
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