Treehouse of Horror XIX
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
02 November 2008
Matt Warburton
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot As Homer goes to vote for the Presidential election, Homer cant fit into the booth so he uses the Disabled booth, Homer votes for Obama, but the machine registers his vote to McCain, Homer gets angry and then realises that the machine is rigged, and then the machine somehow vacuums him up and then kills him, then spits him out. Jasper labels Homer as voted. <br /><br />UNTITLED ROBOT PARODY: As Bart does his Christmas shopping, Bart finds a truck and dismisses it because girls don't like trucks. He tells the truck to come back when it's something else, it then transforms into a Malibu Stacy convertible. While Lisa isn't paying attention, the car transforms into a robot, and destroys the Christmas angel. Maggie tries to warn Lisa but to no avail. It turns out that the car is just one of a group of alien robots that has come to Earth to fight a huge battle with another group of enemy transformers. Marge talks to the two leading robots which happen to be made out of Homer's Car and Flanders's Car, where they then team up and use Springfieldians in a foozball table. <br /><br />HOW TO GET AHEAD IN DEAD-VERTISING: Homer and Marge drop Maggie off at a new Day Care center, where Maggie doesn't exactly want to be because she doesn't know anybody. Homer points Maggie to the wall which has pictures of someone she does know being Krusty the Clown, it turns out that the Day Care Center is infringing on Krusty's likeness, he orders the images removed, Maggie cries. Homer takes direct action by confronting Krusty, Homer pushes Krusty hard enough that he ends up dying in a shedding machine. A group of lawyers come to Homer asking him to kill more celebrities so that they can use their likenesses in commercials without having to pay them, but they'll pay Homer to become an murderer. He does so, but his victims aren't too happy in heaven, so they come back to Earth and in the end kill Homer, where when they return to Heaven, Homer locks them out having found the key.<br /><br />IT'S THE GRAND PUMPKIN MILHOUSE: In a parody of Peanuts with Milhouse as Linus, Lisa as Sally and Bart as Charlie Brown. The kids are about to attend a Halloween party, sans Milhouse who is going to the Pumpkin patch to wait for the Grand Pumpkin, in the end, Lisa is willing to wait with Milhouse but she falls asleep, and when he fakes that the Pumpkin has shown up, Lisa punches him and then goes to the party. Milhouse cries onto a Pumpkin and it comes alive as the Grand Pumpkin, it takes revenge on the town eating Homer, Willie and Nelson when it discovers that humans eat and decorate Pumpkins. Lisa gets Milhouse to believe in Tom Turkey to help destroy the Grand Pumpkin but the Turkey too takes revenge when Turkeys get eaten by humans.
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