Four Great Women and a Manicure
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
10 May 2009
Valentina L. Garza
Raymond S. Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Jodie Foster
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot While Marge takes Lisa to get a manicure, Lisa questions why a woman cant be just smart and powerful, but Marge says that beauty would be a bonus to the other two. <br /><br />She tells Lisa a story of ELIZABETH I staring Selma. Who is looking for a husband to serve as King, applicants include Julio, Ralph but Homer is the one she goes for, but Homer in the end actually decides to go with Selma's assistant, Marge. Because of Selma's rejection on Julio, he vows war. Selma prepares for attack but the Spanish Armada is actually sunk by Homer who set one of the English ships on fire. Selma knights Homer and grants her blessing for Homer to marry Marge. <br /><br />Lisa then tells a story about the danger of obsession with female beauty, that being SNOW WHITE. (Which is in Public Domain by the way) Lisa is cast as Snow White, and Homer, Barney, Moe, Lenny, Kearney, Mr. Burns and Dr. Hibbert are cast as the dwarves. Much like Snow White, the wicked queen wishes to be the fairest one of them all according to her HDTV. She sends Willie to go kill Lisa, but he cant do it. (Nor can he do it to Plopper) Willie tells Lisa to find the Dwarves and hide with them, but the Queen soon finds Lisa and forces her to eat a poised apple. <br /><br />Lisa states that Snow White was eventually revived by a Female Doctor. Homer then shows up at the Manicure place handcuffed to Chief Wiggum requesting some bribe money. <br /><br />Marge then goes on to tell Lisa of a story where a great woman was held back by a not so great husband that being MACBETH, well, really a town play of Macbeth. The towns people all play themselves. Marge married Homer thinking that he'd be good enough to play Macbeth, but instead that role went to Sideshow Mel. Marge tells Homer that he should kill Mel so that he would be cast as the lead, which he does, Homer is then cast as the lead. But the reviews come in loving everyone else, except Homer, so he has to kill them too. The ghosts of the cast come to Marge and the shock is so great she has a heart attack and dies, as a ghost she continues to pester Homer who gives a great performance without an audience, she says that Homer can now perform all the leads of Shakespeare, but he shoots himself. <br /><br />Normally, the episode would end here, but Maggie wants a story. Marge looks around for inspiration and finds Agnes Skinner reading Ayn Rand's The Fountain Head. Marge casts Maggie as MAGGIE ROARKE an architect who refuses to compromise. While in a daycare center, Maggie builds large sculptures out of building blocks which are quite creative, but the teacher, Mr. Toohey wanted every child to conform, so he destroys all of Maggie's creations. On parent teacher night, Maggie builds a tower and sasses Toohey. For some reason, he puts her on trial, where she defends herself (voiced by Jodie Foster) she states that she's not looking for approval stickers she lives for herself. Maggie then grew up to be a world famous architect, where on the top floor of her building was a day care center of her own where she allowed the kids to express themselves. <br /><br />Maggie, in reality, is painting a piece of art of her own on the wall with nail polish for which Marge scolded her for.
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