Waverly Hills 9021-D'oh
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
03 May 2009
J. Stewart Burns
Micheal Polcino
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Ellen Page
Maurice LaMarche
Joe Mantegna
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Alaska Nabraska
Plot While paying an unexpected visit to Springfield Elementary, Marge discovers that the quality of the School system in Springfield Elementary is deteriorating. Homer and Marge agree to get a small apartment in Waverly Hills so that Bart and Lisa are able to attend school there. <br /><br />Homer and Marge enrol Bart and Lisa into the local school system, but discover that they have to actually live in Waverly Hills to prove that they arent just mooching off the city, Homer agrees to live in the apartment, to ensure that the inspector is convinced that Bart and Lisa live there. <br /><br />Bart and Lisa start school with new slates, Bart establishes his reputation as a Bad Boy by getting Chief Wiggum to handcuff him and lead him away, as part of the deal, Bart has to attend Ralph's birthday party. Bart speads a lie to Lisa's classmates that she is best friends with Alaska Nabraska (voiced by Ellen Page). <br /><br />As the inspector comes to verify the residence of Bart and Lisa, Homer and Marge frantically throw Krusty dolls and damaged kiddie books around the place, and he is convinced but at the same time, Bart and Lisa both want to return to Springfield Elementary stating that neither of them fit into Waverly Hills.
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