No Loan Again-Naturally
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
08 March 2009
Jeff Westbrook
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Maurice LaMarche
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Homer throws a huge Mardi Gras party where the expense for it tallies up so much that the Simpsons house is foreclosed and the Simpsons have to leave the house. The house is about to be auctioned off to Mr. Burns where Ned Flanders suddenly outbids him and allows the Simpsons to move back in as tenants. <br /><br />To thank Flanders for his generosity, Homer and Marge throw Ned a small lunch, where it's discovered that the kitchen sink is no longer functioning properly and constantly drips. Homer fixes it by sticking the cat on it, but Flanders agrees that as landlord, he it's his responsibility to fix the issue. Which he does. Quickly, Marge has Flanders look at all the problems within the house, even waking Ned during the night which makes Ned angry, but at the same time, it also angers Homer that Ned wont fix a gas leak. Homer consults with the media and has a report on Flanders trashing him. Ned has no choice but to evict the Simpsons. <br /><br />Homer counters an eviction notice by allowing Grampa to move in, as he finds a loophole that forbids Flanders from evicting them provided a Senior Citizen is within the house's walls. The Simpsons go out for ice cream and return to discover their possessions on the front yard. Grampa has since moved into Flanders's house since he gives him human food. <br /><br />The Simpsons are now homeless, living in the homeless center. As Flanders is about to lease the house to another couple, Flanders feels remorse for the Simpsons and just as the couple signs the lease, he forbids them to take the house, prompting them to sue. Flanders allows The Simpsons to move back in, prompting everyone else to leave.
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