Dangerous Curves
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
09 November 2008
Billy Kimball
Ian-Maxtone Graham
Matthew Faughnan
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Maurice LaMarche
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Alberto
  • • Sylvia
Plot When Homer and Marge drive to a lake for a fourth of July weekend, they pick up a hitch-hiking couple. Tell tell a story about just before they were married twenty years ago, as well as after they were married five years ago. <br /><br />Unmarried Homer and Marge are biking down the road where Ned and Maude Flanders pick them up and take them to the lake they were going to since that is also where Flanders was headed. During the Night, Flanders requires that the Unmarried Homer and Marge stay in separate rooms, which Homer automatically finds annoying. Flanders also suggests to Homer that he should ask Marge to marry him.<br /><br />Fifteen years later, Homer and Marge are returning to Springfield with Patty and Selma who he throws out of the car and the car also runs out of fuel. Homer and Marge make a stop at a mansion that is also having a party for help. <br /><br />At the party, Homer meets a woman, Sylvia and at the same time, Marge meets Alberto, the owner of the mansion. Homer and Marge go to the motel where they met Flanders along with Sylvia and Alberto, and they rekindle their love while Alberto and Sylvia are stuffed into a chest. <br /><br />In the present, Bart, Lisa and Maggie go off for a peddle-car ride, while Homer and Marge play some "Lakeside Boggle" while at the same time, Alberto and Sylvia show up, resulting of Homer and Marge discovering the truth of what happened five years ago. <br /><br />As Homer tries to pull off a carving he made five years earlier the tree falls over a cliff with Homer below unable to climb back up. Marge then falls over as well and the two learn that parts of their marriage being based on lies is what makes them human. The kids then show up to save them in their peddle-car now turned boat.
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