Eeny, Teeny, Maya, Moe
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
05 April 2009
John Frink
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Maya
Plot While Homer spends some time with Maggie, he pops into Moe's (with Maggie) who is cleaning up the bar. Moe discovers that he had a window which was covered over with grime. Outside is a small playground perfect so that Maggie can play while Homer is inside Moe's, drinking. For unknown reasons the other babies in the playground torment Maggie, who starts to become nervous. Marge worries that it could be because of Homer neglecting her. So Marge places a secret camera in Maggie's bow to spy on Homer. Marge discovers that the babies are tormenting her, but at the same time, Homer finds out too, and tries to get her out. Homer somehow gets beaten up by the lead bully, but a forceful punch from Maggie saves him. Homer says to the camera how much he loves both Marge and Maggie. Marge, in tears calls Homer a wonderful father. <br /><br />Meanwhile, Moe is preparing for a date, hence why he cleaned the window in the first place with a woman named Maya. She turns out to be a dwarf, but Moe see's past that on occasion. Moe decides to take her on a double date with Homer and Marge, neither are concerned. Moe proposes, but cant resist in cracking jokes about her height. She dumps Moe. Moe, distraught, opts for surgery to make him shorter. Maya wants Moe to see her as beautiful, rather than short and have to change his height to her level to love her, Moe continues plans for the surgery, but Maya leaves him.
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