Treehouse of Horror XVII
Production Code
Episode Number
04 November 2006
Peter Gaffney
David Silverman
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot MARRIED TO THE BLOB: When a shooting star crash lands in the Simpsons back yard and opens to reveal a green goo, Homer eats it. During the night, Homer eats everything in the house, but is still hungry, Bart comes down to see what's going on, but Homer attempts to eat him. Homer leaves the house and sees Teenagers camping out, they have a BBQ sauce fight and one is pushed into the fire, quickly Homer picks up and eats him whole. The next day at Octoberfest, Homer eats many of the fat Germans, and goes on a rampage through Springfield eating all the fat people. Dr. Phil McGraw (voiced by himself) tries to stop Homer but he too is eaten, Homer and Marge come up with a plan to turn Homer's Cannibalism into a positive by eating tricking and eating homeless people in Springfield.

GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO GOLEM: As Bart looks through backstage at Krustylu Studios, Krusty tells him about a Golem, which will do anything that's written on a scroll and placed in its mouth. Bart uses the Golem to get rid of Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph and murders Principal Skinner. When Lisa allows him to talk and free him from his evil doing, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa build a bride for the Golem out of Play'Doh.

THE DAY THE EARTH LOOKED STUPID: The year is 1938 in Springfield. When a radio broadcast of War of The Worlds by Orson Welles (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) fools Springfieldians that an actual invasion is occurring, but when they discover its a hoax. But when Kang and Kodos attack Springfield they act in nonchalance, three years later, Springfield is very much destroyed.
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