Kill Gil Volumes 1 & 2
Production Code
Episode Number
16 December 2006
Jeff Westbrook
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot With the present Lisa wants most is sold out, Gil, the department store Santa manages to get her one, but turns out that it was intended for the Manager's Daughter, who wants it back, Gil refuses and he is in turn fired. The Simpsons overhear and invite Gil to spend the night with them. Gil brings all his stuff into the house and moves in. Gil soon starts to mooch off the family while waiting for a job call in Scottsdale. Marge tries to say to no to Gil but she cant because of an incident that happened when she was 7. When Ned Flanders thanks Marge for an early Christmas card signed by Gil, Marge has it in her to say no to Gil, but he's already left. The Family Goes to Scottsdale to tell Gil off, when Marge does Gil is fired. The Simpsons & Gil spend the following Christmas in a new house.
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