Rome-old and Juli-eh
Production Code
Episode Number
11 March 2007
Daniel Chun
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot While looking for areas to cut money, Homer makes Grampa move into the Simpson House. Homer and Marge take a romantic night out, and leave Selma and Grampa in charge of the kids, when Homer and Marge return they find Grampa and Selma kissing on the couch. Grampa thinks that he's in love with Selma. Homer is upset, and tries to break the two up, he teams up with Patty to have the two broken up, but it back fires and Grampa and Selma marry. Grampa and Selma move into their own house and Selma is promoted at the DMV, she becomes under a lot of stress, and Grampa, being the old coot that he is cant figure out any of the gismo's at home, and burns the house down, Grampa and Selma decide to separate. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa get shipments of shipping boxes and build a fort in the backyard, and start a war with the box company, and are victorious in defending the fort with Nelson's help.
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