You Kent Always Say What You Want
Production Code
Episode Number
20 May 2007
Tim Long
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot After the Simpsons dental check-up, the Simpsons go out for Ice Creams where Homer purchases the one millionth ice cream cone where he is allowed to be on Kent Brockman's Smartline show. While on the show, Homer spills coffee into Kent's lap and he swears on TV. Fortunately no one saw the show that night except for the Simpsons. But Ned Flanders goes through TV programs finding bad things to complain about and he finds Kent's swear and the Channel Six station is fined $10,000,000 because of it and Kent is eventually fired. The Simpsons take Kent in, Kent and Lisa start making YouTube webcasts of all the secrets within the media. Channel Six then gives Kent his job back with a 50% pay rise.
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