Little Big Girl
Production Code
Episode Number
11 February 2007
Don Payne
Raymond Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot For a school project, Lisa pretends that she is a Native American, and makes traditional garb out of the Kitchen curtains and gives a presentation in school, and lies her way through. Principal Skinner says that she will be representing Springfield Elementary at City Hall. Meanwhile Cletus accidentally starts a fire that quickly spreads throughout Springfield. Bart and Milhouse attach all of the School's fire extinguishers to a wagon, and activate it, hurdling through town, Bart puts out the fires, and is deemed a hero. He is given one wish, he requests a driving license.

Homer uses Bart to perform loads of errands around town with the Family Sedan. Bart, having enough leaves Springfield for North Haverbrook, where he meets a teenage girl, Darsey. The two hit it off and fall in love, since Bart lies about his age. Darsey then mentions marriage and Bart is reluctant. They get informed that they can go to Utah to get married which they do.

Back in Springfield, Homer and Marge discover Bart's note saying that they're gonna get married and they soon figure out where Bart is, Darsey's parents followed having been left a similar note by Darsey. The four race to Utah, and stop the wedding. Bart and Darsey then break up.
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