Ice Cream of Margie (and the Light Blue Hair)
Production Code
Episode Number
26 November 2006
Carolyn Omine
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Homer buys an Ice Cream truck after getting fired at the Power Plant. While at the same time, Marge starts to feel that she wont be remembered after she dies. While looking at Maggie and having a whole load of Lolly Sticks, she gets an idea and makes a sculpture of Maggie using the sticks. Within two weeks Marge has made enough Sculptures to put on a show, thanks to Homer providing her with more sticks. Homer works on the same day as Marge's show, but promises to be there by opening. He realizes when there's only 38 seconds left on the clock, he races home, and gets stuck in a traffic jam with 9 seconds remaining. He takes a short cut down a steep hill and ends up destroying the whole show. Marge is angry at Homer, and Homer tries to seek Marge's forgiveness by giving her Polaroids of himself expressing how sad he is that he let Marge down. (and one of him laughing because the cat fell down the stairs). During the night, Marge leaves the house, and when Homer wakes up, he realizes that Marge is gone. Homer, Bart and Lisa go out to look for Marge. At the town square, Marge, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph unveil a giant Homer sculpture and Marge forgives Homer. 200 Years on, the sculpture is displayed in a museum, as the last known example of art before iPods took over the western world.
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