Marge Gamer
Production Code
Episode Number
22 April 2007
J. Stewart Burns
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Marge starts to browse the internet, she finds a banner ad (Adsense?) for a Massively Multi player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) called Earthland Realms. Marge takes on the character of herself as a Cleric (seems more like a Time Mage to me) Marge starts to get really into the game, as she enters a village she sees various other Springfieldians including Apu, Snake, Moe and Mrs. Krabappel. Soon she meets up with the Shadow Knight (who looks like Ex-Death from Final Fantasy V) who, with his Flametongue fries Turkey-Principal Skinner. In reality, she discovers that The Shadow Knight is Bart.

In the game, Marge goes to Bart's castle, there, she starts to mother Bart, his minions start to think less of The Shadow Knight. When Bart finds that Marge used a Hello Kitty expansion pack in Bart's trophy room, he goes nuts, taking a mace, and destroying it all, accidentally, he hits Marge, reducing her HP to zero, killing her.

In reality, Marge is angry at Bart for killing her. In Moe's Moe gives Bart some advice, in which he decides to revive Marge in fiction by pressing Alt+F5 repeatedly in reality. Bart succeeds in reviving his mother, but doing so drained two thirds of his HP. When everyone else finds out, that his HP is at a critical level, they attack Bart, before they do Bart says that in reality, he'll egg their house, but they kill him anyway. Marge vows she'll avenge Bart and changes her job from Cleric to Warrior.

Meanwhile, at Lisa's Soccer Game, Homer becomes the new referee and Lisa starts taking advantage of Homer to break the rules, she soon realizes when Homer forces her out of the game.
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