Jazzy and the Pussy Cats
Production Code
Episode Number
17 September 2006
Daniel Chun
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot At Amber's Funeral, Bart plays with a paddle toy and the ball breaks off into Reverend Lovejoy's mouth and Flanders gives him the Heimlich. It is then called that Bart needs psychiatrist. Who gives Bart a drum kit. He bumps into the White Stripes (as themselves) and drums all night. Lisa suggests that she takes Bart to a local Jazz Club where kids perform on stage. There Bart gets noticed by Defanzo Skinny-Palmer and Marcus Marbles-Lemarkez where he joins their trio. A week later, Bart is known as a great jazz drummer, but Lisa is upset about it. Marge suggests that getting a puppy might help, she picks one, but later regrets not picking another dog, as a result she starts to take other dogs from the pound to rescue them, and various other abandoned animals, and hides them in the attic. In the attack a tiger bites Bart's arm and he cant drum anymore. Bart's trio holds a benefit concert to cure it, but instead he decides to build a nature reserve dedicated to Lisa.
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