Please Homer, Dont Hammer 'em
Production Code
Episode Number
24 September 2006
Matt Warburton
Mike B. Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot At the Springfield Mall, Homer buys a Carpenter's Library Collection, but at home all he uses it for is a footstool. Marge breaks her bedside cabinet and using the books, she fixes it. Lisa suggests that Marge starts a carpentry business, but none of the people want her to do the job because she is a woman. So Homer and Marge arrange a plan that where Homer appears to do the work, but actually its Marge that does it. Soon enough, when Helen Lovejoy and Lindsey Naegle take Marge too far, she starts wanting the credit. Homer refuses, and then Lenny and Carl push Marge even further. Homer is hired to rebuild a roller coaster, but Marge quits and Homer has to do it on his own. Just as he launches the Roller coaster, there are dangerous parts and it collapses on Homer. Meanwhile, all Peanut products have been banned at Springfield Elementary because of someone with an allergy. Bart discovers that it's Principal Skinner and he threatens Principal Skinner with a peanut. Soon Skinner gets the idea to find out if Bart has a weakness and finds that he is allergic to Shrimp, and duel breaks out between them and it results them both falling into a vat of Peanut Shrimp setting off both of their allergies.
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