Stop or My Dog Will Shoot
Production Code
Episode Number
13 May 2007
John Frink
Matthew Faughnan
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When at a country fair, Homer gets lost in a corn maze. To find him, the family sends in Santa's Little Helper. When Santa's Little Helper returns with Homer, Chief Wiggum suggests that they enlist their dog into the Canine Unit of the Police Department. Santa's Little Helper becomes a good police dog, and when he busts Snake, he his told to cool off for a while because Snake is let to go free. When Bart tries to play with Santa's Little Helper, he bites Bart and forced to live with Lou. To replace Santa's Little Helper, Bart gets a snake who he names Strangles. At the school's show and tell, Strangles gets away from the classroom and Bart goes to look for him, when the police show up to find the snake, Santa's Little Helper rummages in Bart's Locker. Strangles drops a beaker of Ethanol and a beaker of Nitric Acid onto the floor, Bart passes out. When Principal Skinner finds out that Bart is still missing, Santa's Little Helper goes in and rescues him, the boy is reunited with his dog.
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