Crook and Ladder
Production Code
Episode Number
05 May 2007
Bill Odenkirk
Lance Kramer
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Marge reads in a magazine that sucking on a pacifier can lead to under achievement, Marge confiscates Maggie's. Maggie then goes berserk through the house and Marge gives in allowing Maggie to have her pacifier back, but the house is out of pacifiers. Homer returns home but was unable to find Maggie's brand. Santa's Little Helper offers Maggie his squeaky toy and Maggie settles for it. During the night, Homer cant sleep because of Maggie's constant sucking on the squeaky toy. Homer starts to take some sleeping pills, and during the night starts sleepwalking. Bart and Milhouse take advantage of Homer's sleep-depraved state and make him do crazy stuff, Homer comes to, and crashes his car into the fire garage, where he breaks the pole, and activates the alarm. As the firemen come down, they sent sliding into a wall and are seriously injured. Feeling guilty, Homer volunteers as a replacement, along with Moe, Apu and Principal Skinner. After saving several people, they are rewarded with gifts, but when they save Mr. Burns, they get nothing. In retaliation, they send a small ember into the Treasure room and loot it. They do the same with other stores, and Marge and the kids watch Homer steal five segways. Homer feels guilty and tries to talk to Moe who wont listen, in a burning building, Moe falls through a floor, and Homer saves him and Apu, Homer is deemed a hero.
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