The Wife Aquatic
Production Code
Episode Number
06 January 2007
Kevin Curran
Lance Kramer
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When the town are watching old movies outside on a big screen, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney set the film alight by throwing radishes at it. Patty and Selma, who have been carrying some Home Movies around for years, put on a movie of their own when the town demands for entertainment. The video turns out to be footage of one of Marge's trips to Barnacle Bay. It shows Marge riding her favorite sea horse (Mr. Funny Good Feeling) on a merry-go-round, and a big firework display. Marge remembers how much fun she had a there and becomes depressed.

To cheer Marge up, Homer takes the family on a surprise trip to Barnacle Bay, but it has become dump due to the lack of Yum Yum Fish, the fish which made the Island popular, and apparently tastes better then Cod. Also, Marge's favorite merry-go-round has been vandalized, and Mr. Funny Good Feeling has had Swastikas carved in his eyes. This makes Marge very upset, and when Homer realizes this, he gets the owners of the Candy Shop to clean and repaint the merry-go-round, so that Marge can ride it again. Then Homer celebrates with a firework display, and by doing so, accidentally sets the boardwalk alight, burning it and the merry-go-round down.

As a punishment, Homer is made a member of the fishing crew, trying to find Yum Fish. He is then given the task of batter the shrimp and bait the hook, but, believing that it was Opposite Day, did it the other way round. The battered hooks attract Yum Yum Fish, and they manage to catch them. To thank Homer, they promote him to Chief Fish Clubber. Suddenly, a heavy storm arises, flooding the ship. They decide to abandon ship, but there plan changes when they discover Bart had stowed away in the compartment where the Emergency Life Raft was stored to escape what Marge and Lisa were doing.

There is a funeral for the crew of the ship and Marge cries when she discovers Bart was on the ship too. Suddenly, Homer and the crew burst through the doors of the church, claiming that they were saved by a Japanese fishing boat (Apparently, Homer didn't want to be saved at first and dived back in the water).  Ten everyone runs off to catch some Yum Yum Fish but Lisa stops them, saying that over fishing in greed has brought nothing but wreck and ruin. The Captain of the ship says that she's got a point, and they stop fishing for Yum Yum, but instead, much to Lisa's dismay, they chop down trees instead.
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