Revenege is a dish best served three times
Production Code
Episode Number
24 January 2007
Joel H. Cohen
Michael Polchino
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When driving to the airport, The Rich Texan cuts Homer off, he then vows revenge. Marge tells him a story about revenge to keep him distracted.

THE COUNT OF MONTE FATSO: The story takes place in Paris (France) and Moe writes a letter framing Homer, Homer is then arrested for treason, and thrown in jail for live. After five years, Mr. Burns gives him an escape route and a map to loads of treasure, Homer returns to Paris, under disguise and plots his revenge. He invites Moe, Marge, Bart and Lisa as well as several other residents to his mansion and burns Moe. Marge then leaves him for killing her husband.

In reality, Homer wasn't listening and vows more revenge against the Rich Texan. Lisa tries her hand at telling a story to get revenge.

REVENGE OF THE GEEKS: Milhouse and Martin have enough of Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph's bullying, they come up with a devise that automatically does its own bullying. They give it to Milhouse who becomes revenge hungry, and turns on everyone in Springfield Elementary. When he tries to turn on Lisa he cant do it, and takes the glove off. Nelson then grabs it and uses it against Milhouse.

Again in reality, Homer wants more revenge. As Homer is about to hit the Rich Texan in the head with a Baseball Bat, Bart tells a story.

BARTMAN BEGINS: As Homer, Marge and Bart leave the opera, Homer and Marge are murdered by Snake (The Serpent), to avenge them, Bart trains with Grampa, and becomes a masked vigilante, Bartman. Bartman goes after various villains, including The Flanderses, Patty and Selma, Hans Moleman and Lenny. At a party, Snake tries to rob everyone when Bartman shows up and kills Snake. Bart feels that he has gotten his revenge and avenged his parents.

By the time Bart has finished his story, Homer and The Rich Texan have patched things up and Homer no longer seeks revenge.
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