Springfield Up
Production Code
Episode Number
04 March 2007
Matt Warburton
Chuck Sheetz
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot 32 years ago, Documentary filmmaker Declan Desmond filmed a bunch of Springfield School children to film a documentary of their lives, every 8 years he revisited the kids and how their lives progressed. Those kids are Chief Wiggum, Homer Simpson, Professor Frink, The Crazy Cat Lady and Marge Simpson. Chief Wiggum, by age 16, was a Hall Monitor for the High School. By 24, he had enrolled into the Police Academy, another 8 years later, he became an officer and a further 8 years later, he had become chief of Police. Homer Simpson wished that when he grew up he would be richer than everybody, but come 24, his dream had not come true. He was selling Manure, Commercial Question asking, in a Garage band and doing open casket charactertures, Declan brought up kids and Homer dismissed them, yet, 8 years later, he and Marge had Bart and Lisa, a further 8 years later, Homer appeared to be incredibly rich. Professor Frink wished to be a rocket scientist, but by present times, he regretted it, so he build a time machine to tell himself to pick a new career, but is run over in the past and Carl steals the time machine. The Crazy Cat Lady graduates from Yale Law and Harvard Medical and becomes both a Lawyer and a Doctor at 24, but 8 years later, she feels a little burned out, and a further 8 years, she had gone mad, and become the Crazy Cat Lady. Marge liked to take photo's of various kids at school, by age 16, she had become the star photographer for the High School news paper, and by 24, she was working as a photographer in a supermarket, she was also dating Homer, in the present, it is discovered that the mansion that Homer and Marge live in is actually Mr Burns's and it was all a sham. Declan tries to interview Homer, but Homer keeps running away, in the end, Declan confronts Homer at the Simpsons front door. Declan feels sorry for Homer, and makes a film about what people's thoughts of Homer are, including a young Bart.
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