Aww... Come on, now you're a tree?!
March 30, 2011, 09:04:11 PM
It's been a while since the last update, but that's because I'm working on WOTS3, which is a total overhaul, and as a result, WOTS2 and WOTS3 don't use the same code style. WOTS3 focuses on using less HTML code and transfer most of the work to CSS instead, so it takes a little while each time to backport the WOTS3 code to WOTS2 code. So like when I worked on TCB vX from vIX expect less updates.

Anyway this time around we have episode capsules for NABF08 - A Scorpions Tale, NABF09 - A Midsummers Nice Dream and NABF10 - Love is Many a Strangled Thing, along with their usual framegrabs.

Don't forget that you can submit your own information to the capsules by clicking the "SUBMIT" Buttons, or by posting replies to the topics in the WOTS Capsule Data board on MT2.

The only other content that I've added to the site is a small collection of Grabpics

I can't fake an interest in this....
February 21, 2011, 08:24:51 PM
...and I'm an expert in faking an interest in your boring lectures.

Seriously. The lectures in uni are now getting so boring that I'm drawing Grabpics in the lectures from the back and only faking interest, these are grabpics that are available at the end of this update.

In new episode information we have two, one for NABF06 - The Blue and The Grey (The origins of Blue #56! :P) and one for NABF07 - Angry Dad: The Movie. Both get new Promo Cards

I have also added a new page into the site that contained content from WOTS1. It is the Pills page containing your capsulated images of The Simpsons. Just something interesting to look at I guess.

Here's the new grabpics by myself and Leif Jensen. This brings the total number of Maggie Grabpics to 500!

Don't you minimise me!
January 25, 2011, 05:21:08 AM
I'm not going to bother with lame opening lines and get right down to business.

New episodes have aired since the last update and like before, I've been adding information on them when they air, I don't announce them they are: NABF03 - Moms I'd Like to Forget, NABF04 - Flaming Moe (Not to be confused with Season 3's 8F08 - Flaming Moe's by the way) and NABF05 - Homer the Father. Some of them even got Promo Cards.

Recently, a new line of Superhero Alteregos were shown in Simpsons Super Spectacular #12, so Leif drew those. Each member of the main family gets one, their grabpics are also included in this update, which there are many more of.

I've also recently been working on a sequel to an old picture I did called "Dissidia Simpsons Fantasy Fan art", called "Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Simpsons Fantasy" based around the concept from the Final Fantasy game that's coming out in March. I've now released it and you can see it on the Fan Art page.

Mr. X: All the muck that's fit to rake
December 28, 2010, 08:16:00 PM
Well, hello there!

I've been busy with University the past few months, so that comes above WOTS, now I'm on Christmas break, I'll sneak an update in. Since last time, a few new episodes have aired, though I've added their capsules a long time ago, I'm going to mention them now, the episodes are: MABF19 - Donnie Fatso, MABF22 - The Fight Before Christmas, NABF01 - The Fool Monty and NABF02 - How Munched is that Birdie in the Window? lame title that last one.

The many Common Lists have gotten updates featuring information on stuff from Season 16 through 21, since I spent a while going through those Seasons and framegrabbing them, the frames aren't in the Episode Guide yet, but they will be.

Leif and I have also been adding content into various other Gallery pages including Grabpics (which can be found at the end of this update, Scenegrabs and Fan Art.

Also in the Fan Works section is the new Fan Scripts page which should've been included at launch but I forgot about featuring two fan scripts One Foot in the Past by Nikki Wright which comes over from LTBQ and La Maggio by Chris Dominowski which comes over from TCB.

There are also a couple of bugfixes somewhere.

Contents: Update
November 17, 2010, 11:33:16 PM
I've been slacking, but I have university to deal with, so it's likely that an update every other week is likely to continue, it's not like when I was in college and things were easy.

In this update, there's been updates to multiple information section pages. These include, but are not limited to, Blackboards, Couch Gags, Paintings, Stranglings and Vactations, as well as episode capsules for MABF16 - Treehouse of Horror XXI and MABF20 - Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life.

In the Image Gallery, several new Grabpics have been added and viewable at the end of this update, some new Scenegrabs have also been added, as well as a new Wallpaper or two, and FOX released some Promo Cards.

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