The Fool Monty
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
21 November 2010
Michael Price
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Mr. Burns discovers that he only has six weeks left to live, he decides to commit suicide, but that ends up failing and only results in him losing his memory, Bart finds him in the woods and feels sorry for him in his vulnerable state and takes him home.

Homer and Marge later find Burns and question if it is right to take revenge on him like this, the town seems to think so, and as a result, each person is entitled to half an hour with Burns to do as they please. Homer eventually gets bored and allows Lisa to take him to his mansion to show Burns that not everyone is cruel, but Burns regains his memory.

Burns wants revenge himself, but his plan has been done before, he later learns that he's been able to last longer than his six weeks because of his eternal hate for the town.
Intro Gags
The three eyed crow flies from the right carrying Blinky in it's mouth.
There are virtual reality beds in the living room. The family are placed into them and are transfered into Na'vi versions of themselves. Bart tames a flying couch and the family then put on 3D Glasses to watch TV. Bart also shocks Homer.
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