Treehouse of Horror XXI
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
07 November 2010
Joel H. Cohen
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Hugh Laurie
Daniel Radcliffe
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Edmund
  • • Roger
Plot During the intro, Professor Frink uses his DVR remote to speed through Homer and Bart fighting, and accidentally speeds far enough to reveal spoilers. Using his remote on himself, he ages into death. The Frankenstein monster makes a reference to The Office.

WAR AND PIECES: Seeing Bart and Milhouse playing a violent video game on their Wii, Marge tells them that they should play some board games instead. Bart finds one, Satan's Path, which happens to turn all the other games real, Bart and Milhouse must face through various gaming trials, to evade death and revert reality back to normal.

MASTER AND CADAVER: Homer and Marge are on a romantic cruse in uncharted waters, Marge notices a guy in a row boat coming towards them and they take him on board. Roger, his name, tells them the story of how he ended up there where his crew was poisoned by a pie, which Homer believes he baked, and throws a new one out the window, which killed a shark. Homer and Marge kill him, and find the ship Roger was on previously finding everyone dead. As it turns out, the pie was clean and Homer's boat had been leaking fuel, so Homer kills him with a Harpoon gun. The rest of the crew are also alive, so Homer kills them. Unable to live with the guilt, Marge eats the poisoned pie, and dies in Homer's arms, as it turns out it was all just an imagination story in the bathtub by Maggie.

TWEENLIGHT: A new student arrives at Springfield Elementary, Edmund, who falls for Lisa (and Lisa falls for him in return), but he turns out to be a vampire, Lisa isn't scared though. Edmund and his father, Dracula come to the Simpson house for dinner, where Edmund and Lisa fly away to Dracula-la Land. Both Homer and Dracula want the relationship to end, but after hearing that Lisa want's in on being a vampire, Dracula changes his mind, as a result, Lisa herself has second thoughts when she discovers that she would be eight forever, however, Edmund's blood lust has overpowered him. Homer, protects his daughter by allowing both Dracula and Edmud to bit his neck, but his blood is full of cholesterol.
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