Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
14 November 2010
Joel H. Cohen
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
  • Character Debuts:
  • • Miss. Marshall
Plot After failing to get a rare collectable toy for Maggie in a give-away the Simpsons pass by the house where Marge grew up, the woman who lives there now allows the family to have a look around, and they find a box of Marge's old stuff. In the box is a bunch of Marge's old school work which reveals that her grades rival those of Lisa's, but Lisa finds that her grades plummeted after she started to date Homer.

Lisa feels that the only way not to end up like her mother is to free herself from all forms of distraction, which isn't helped by being at Springfield Elementary, she sees how peaceful a bus for Cloisters Academy is, and wants to attend, but the Simpsons cant afford it until Marge has a secret conversation with the Headteacher. After her first day, Lisa finds what the conversation was about, she finds that Marge made a deal where she would do the schools laundry, so that Lisa could attend, as a result, Lisa gives up going to the school.

Meanwhile, Bart causes a prank where he accidentally sends mud flying over Nelson, Bart tries to flee but ends up giving Nelson a nosebleed, the kids then declare Bart the new school bully, Nelson tries to seek revenge, but Marge gets Bart to work things out.
Intro Gags
A Crow with three eyes flies in from the left.
There are motorcycle ramps at either end of the couch, the family sit as normal. Captain Lance Murdock rides his bike up one ramp and down the otehr flying out the backdoor hitting an unseen wall.
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