Out of anger, many Springfieldians have strangled another, this is most common between Homer and Bart. If I seem to have missed something you are welcome to email me by using this form here.

Maggie on Bart
MG17 - Scary Stories
Homer on Bart
MG25 - Family Portrait
Grampa on Homer on Bart
MG30 - Shut Up! Simpsons
Marge on Homer
7G10 - Homer's Night Out
Bart on Milhouse on Martin
7F21 - Three Men and a Comic Book
Homer on Bart
7F22 - Blood Feud
Homer on Bart
7F24 - Stark Raving Dad
Rabbi Krustofski on Krusty
8F05 - Like Father, Like Clown
Homer on Bart
8F06 - Lisa's Pony
Homer on Bart
8F11 - Radio Bart
Homer on Bart
9F08 - Lisa's First Word
Homer on Bart
9F16 - The Front
Apu on Homer
1F10 - Homer and Apu
Burns on Smithers
1F16 - Burns' Heir
Bart on Lisa
2F05 - Lisa on Ice
Homer on Bart
3F06 - Mother Simpson
Homer on George H. W. Bush
3F09 - Two Bad Neighbours
Homer on Smithers
3F14 - Homer the Smithers
Homer on Bart
4F11 - Homer's Phobia
Fly-Headed Bart on Lisa
5F02 - Treehouse of Horror VIII
Homer on Bart
5F12 - Dumbbell Idenmity
Groundskeeper Willie on Bart
5F15 - Girlie Edition
Lisa on Bart
5F15 - Girlie Edition
Groundskeeper Willie on Homer
5F20 - Lard of the Dance
Krusty on his Associate Producer
AABF22 - Brother's Little Helper
Homer on a Carboxyl Group
AABF22 - Brother's Little Helper
The Octuplets on each other
BABF03 - Eight Misbehavin'
Lisa & The Secret Service on Bart
BABF13 - Bart to the Future
Sophie's Mom on Krusty
BABF17 - Insane Clown Poppy
Lisa on Bart, Marge on Homer
BABF19 - Behind the Laughter
Homer on Bart
CABF22 - The Parent Rap
John Coffey on Homer
DABF16 - The Frying Game
Adult Panda on Homer on Baby Panda
GABF06 - Goo Goo Gai Pan
Homer on Bart
GABF07 - Mobile Homer
Lisa on Bart
GABF12 - Future Drama
Homer on The Squeaky Voiced Teen
GABF13 - A Star is Torn
Homer on Bart
GABF21 - See Homer Run
Mechanical Arm on Homer on Bart
HABF02 - The Italian Bob
Opera Director on Homer
JABF18 - Homer of Seville
Raccoon Homer on Raccoon Bart
KABF08 - Smoke on the Daughter
Homer on Bart
KABF13 - All About Lisa
Homer on Simon Woosterfield
Bart and Simon are look alikes, and they had switched places, so Homer thought that Simon was Bart.
KABF14 - Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
Homer on Bart
MABF19 - Donnie Fatso
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Homer
NABF10 - Love Is a Many Strangled Thing
Homer on Bart
The Simpsons Movie
Bart on Himself
The Simpsons Movie
Homer on Bart
The Simpsons Movie
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