The Fight Before Christmas
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
05 December 2010
Dan Castellaneta
Deb Lucasta
Bob Anderson
Matthew Schofield
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Guest Stars
Martha Stewart
Katy Perry
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Each story is represented as a dream.

BART dreams about being taken to the North Pole so that he can complain (by method of a BB Gun) to Santa by a Flying Train. He works his way up, and meets Santa, but turns out to the running the place into a dump. Bart decides not to shoot Santa instead. What Bart doesn't know is that the place is thriving.

LISA dreams about being in World War II. Where Marge is in France fighting Nazis. Lisa misses Marge and refuses to accept the tree Homer has brought home because any Christmas tree because they all remind her of the Christmas when Marge was taken away from her, and soon discovers that Marge is Missing in Action. She returns to the Christmas Tree lot where she last saw her mother, and it turns out that the tree Marge bought is still there waiting for Lisa, Lisa believes it to be a sign that Marge is safe. Marge, in truth is in France, having found Hitler's location and plans to kill him while he's watching a Nazi version of Dumbo.

MARGE, disappointed that no one shares her holiday spirit, writes a letter to Martha Stewart, who comes to Springfield to help revitalise the house. But feels something is missing, which is the family being themselves. Marge wakes up to find the Homer and Kids taking her out for breakfast.

MAGGIE dreams about the family being portrayed as puppets, ready to go to Hawaii, electing Moe to be the house sitter. When suddenly, Mr. Burns shows up for some reason, and Homer has to fake a neck injury. Also, Moe claims the house to be his bachelor pad to his girlfriend Katy Perry (played by herself). When Mr. Burns learns about Homer's lie, Burns calls the hounds, but a sock puppet tells him that budget was blown on Perry. Which doesn't phase Burns. He, the Simpsons, Moe and Perry sing the 39 days of Christmas.
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