Husbands and Knives
Production Code
Episode Number
18 November 2007
Matt Selman
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot While fearing that Marge is losing her figure, she joins a gym but finds how it's managed a little complicated, Marge builds her own gym in the Androids Dungeon which had just closed due to the opening of a new Comic Book Store across the street where Bart and Lisa now hang out. The new gym, for women only, is called Shapes. It becomes an instant success and grows fast enough to become a franchise. While on a business vacation with Marge, Homer fears that Marge might leave her. Homer goes for getting his Stomach Stapled (which turns out to be more of a tummy tuck), but he comes embarrassed to show his body to Marge, so he orders the doctor to give him every surgery he has. Homer shows his new body to the townspeople, where he is declared as a monster and mobbed. Marge says that she can have much fitter men and pushes Homer out of a bell tower. Homer just then wakes up and it turns out that it was dream, after the doctor called Marge and she called all of the surgery off.
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