Midnight Towboy
Production Code
Episode Number
07 October 2007
Stephanie Gillis
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Maggie becomes too clingy, Marge hires a counsellor to teach Maggie the C.R.I.E. Method, which teaches her to be more independent from Marge. Pretty soon, Maggie is able to pretty much everything by herself. While Homer searched for milk to give to Maggie, he befriends a tow truck driver, Louie in Guidopolis, and he becomes a tow truck driver in Springfield. Homer starts to tow everybody, including his friends, so much so they make a plan to have him tow in Guidopolis unwittingly. Louie finds out and he kidnaps Homer. Marge starts to worry, Maggie overhears and during the night she climbs out of her crib down the stairs and rides Santa's Little Helper to look for clues. As Maggie and Santa's Little Helper cross the border to Guidopolis, she finds some of Homer's hair and tracks down to Louie's house. Maggie uses Louie's own tow to rip a hole in the basement wall and frees Homer. Homer and Maggie return home, Maggie is willing to let Marge care for her again.
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