That 90's Show
Production Code
Episode Number
27 January 2008
Matt Selman
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer fails to pay the heating bill, Bart throws Magazines onto the fireplace to fuel it. He goes to throw a package away, but Marge stops him, grabs it away and several of Marge's items fly out, including a diploma from Springfield U. It turns out that Homer and Marge did not have Bart until late into the Nineties. Homer and Marge tell the story of when they got their first apartment.

Homer and Marge move in where Homer is a singer for an "inoffensive urban light hip pop smooth grooves" bad with Lenny, Carl and Lou. Marge got an acceptance letter from college, and when they both realise how expensive it is, Homer quits his band and gets a job at Grampa's Lazer tag fun center.

Marge starts to take her classes, but she soon falls for her professor, Professor August. Homer catches on and leaves Marge, creating a Grunge Band, Sadgasm, with Lenny, Carl and Lou. They become a hit, but Homer still loves Marge. When Professor August states that he doesn't want women to get marriage and tries to prevent Marge from doing the same, she leaves him, and runs back to the Student Union where she watches a Music Video from Sadgasm (directed by David Mirkin). A News Flash comes on that Homer could be taking drugs. Marge runs to Homer's Mansion and he is indeed injecting himself, which really turns out to be Insulin after becoming diabetic from drinking too many Frapachinos.

The Parents finish the story by again telling a small snippet from when they conceived Bart.
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