Smoke on the Daughter
Production Code
Episode Number
30 March 2008
Billy Kimball
Lance Kramer
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot After the Simpsons return home from the release of a new Angelica Button book, they watch a commercial for Ballet lessons where it turns out that one of Marge's Childhood dreams would be to become a ballerina. At the school, Marge gets kicked out, Lisa tries to defend her, and the teacher observes Lisa's posture and the teacher allows Lisa to enrol, which Marge accepts.

During the first day of lessons, Lisa is finding hard to maintain balance. During the student's break, she discovers that the others are smoking and says that all she needs is fresh air, but instead inhales their second hand smoke, Lisa continues doing it as she finds that's what  is making her better. Lisa becomes addicted, so much so that second hand isn't doing it for her anymore, and picks up a cigarette from the ground and tries for first hand smoke, but Homer catches her. Homer confronts Marge about it, but he discovers how proud Marge is of Lisa, so he lets Lisa continue, but he makes her promise that she wont smoke, so much so that he has Bart spy on Lisa. Lisa fails to keep her promise.

Homer gets help from a family of raccoons he has just allied with, who were initially stealing his beef jerky, but after realising that they were using it to feed their family, he doesn't have the heart to kill them. Homer and Bart get rid of all the Ballerina's cigarettes during their big recital, and due to the lack of smoke, they go nuts and the secret is exposed. Lisa gives a message out, but rather than it being about cigarette's it is switched to Ballet. At the dinner table, Lisa quits, and to get her off the second hand smoke, she takes Hello Kitty Nicotine patches.
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