Love Springfieldian Style
Production Code
Episode Number
17 February 2008
Don Payne
Raymond S. Persi
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot For Valentines Day, Homer takes Marge and the kids to a carnival. While there, Bart and Lisa go off to do their own thing while Homer and Marge take a ride on the Tunnel of Love. Inside, Bart sneaks in with a vat of Jello mix and pours it into the water which also turns to Jello, disabling the ride. While they're waiting, Homer and Marge tell each other love stories.

BONNIE AND CLYDE: The year is 1933 in Texas featuring Marge as Bonnie and Homer as Clyde. Marge states that she wants action when Cletus tries to make a move on Marge, Homer listens in and he takes on a dare from Marge to rob a Feed Store. The two become outlaws by robbing banks and causing violence for sex. When their car breaks down, Flanders offers a ride and acts as a clueless accomplice. Bonnie and Clyde become famous and Flanders realises, he then rats them out to the police where they constantly shoot them until Homer finishes the story.

Bart and Lisa show up, requesting a story thats suitable for children.

SHADY AND THE VAMP: Marge tells a story of two dogs with a love so strong that no hoes could separate them, parodying Lady and the Tramp with Marge as the Lady and Homer as the Tramp. Moe tells Homer that he wouldn't be able to get a girl like Marge, bur Homer vows to prove him wrong. As Homer makes moves on Marge, humans open the gate and hurts Homer. Marge gets Homer out and asks if there's anything she can do to for him. He says that she can have dinner with him. She Agrees. The two go out to Luigi's restaurant where he gives them spaghetti. The health inspector comes and the two dash off. The following morning, Marge feels sick, suffering classic symptoms of pregnancy, and Homer runs away aware. Marge gives birth to puppies, but two seem to be a problem, Bart and Lisa. Marge tears down a photo of herself and Homer. Bart pulls the photo out from the trash and he and Lisa go out to look for Homer. But the pair are soon caught by Animal Control, Groundskeeper Willie. At the pound, Willie gives Bart and Lisa their last meal and Homer jumps out of it, saves Bart and Lisa and the three go home to Marge. Homer says that he'll stay so that they can be a family, and Marge shows Homer nine other puppies including Maggie.

Homer starts to feel bored in the Tunnel of Love, so Bart tells the final story.

SEX PISTOLS: Bart's story starts of with himself in a British band with Nelson, Jimbo and Dolph. Meanwhile, Lisa and Milhouse arrive in London for a semester at college. Lisa hears Bart's music outside and goes in falling in love with Nelson. While walking out, Otto gives Lisa some chocolate, which turns out to be like a drug, because Milhouse assumes it's for musicians, Lisa gives it to Nelson, who in turn shares it with Lisa. Pretty quickly, Lisa and Nelson both become junkies on chocolate and his role in the band deteriorate. At the latest concert, in Texas, Nelson is unable to perform. Nelson leaves the band and travels with Lisa going solo with Lisa writing his songs. The two perform in a bar with make out songs, Lisa and Nelson are thrown out and the two make out in the ally.
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