All About Lisa
Production Code
Episode Number
18 May 2008
John Frink
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Sideshow Mel narrates a story of how Lisa became Entertainer of the Year.

While visiting Krustylu Studios to watch Krusty's 4000th Episode, Krusty sets up auditions for a Krustcateer, in the end, he hires, Nelson. Lisa tells Krusty that he's making a mistake by not hiring Bart, and gives him tips on a loophole that will allow him to hire both. He hires Lisa as an intern instead. When Krusty gets food stuck in his teeth, Lisa quickly uses her pearl necklace string as floss for him to use.

Bart's upset that Lisa is working for Krusty and he isnt. Homer tries to get Bart's mind off the problem by throwing out all of Bart's Krusty merchandise. Which is everything. Comic Book Guy trades it for a coin book and the two start coin collecting.

When Krusty is performing a sketch, Mr. Teeny is stuck in traffic, as a last resort, Lisa fills in for Mr. Teeny. Lisa uses a seltzer bottle to push Krusty off balance and into a pool. The audience laughs. The next week, Krusty went away. Just as there is a rehearsal at the studio for the network. The network executives allow Lisa to stand in for Krusty. She takes the job after they threaten to cancel the show entirely.

Bart and Homer finish their book of coins, but find a secret page containing a hole for a Kissing Lincoln coin. Bart and Homer search everywhere for the coin, and it's at an auction. Mr. Burns buys the coin for $10,000,000. Homer tricks Mr. Burns into giving it to him by getting change for a nickel. Bart and Homer then get ready for the Awards.

At the Awards Lisa accepts the award. Sideshow Mel shows Lisa the hall of previous winners of the award, where they all ended in failure as the applause became an addiction. Lisa sets Krusty up with some laughs and then leaves everything behind going out on a high point.
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