Mona Leaves-a
Production Code
Episode Number
11 May 2008
Joel H. Cohen
Mike B. Anderson
Ralph Sosa
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When the Simpsons return home from the mall, they find their front door open. Homer prepares to engage with a robber with a cynderblock tied to a chain, but finds his mother (voiced by Glenn Close) in the kitchen baking a pie for him. Mona says to Homer that her days of activism are over, and she intends to stay in Springfield for good, but Homer is not convinced. When Mona asks for Homer's forgiveness, he cant do it. Mona comes into Homer's room to apologise, but Homer still wont forgive her. Homer then starts to feel bad for rejecting his mother, so he makes her card, but soon discovers that Mona has died in the Simpsons Living Room.

Mona is cremated, and the family watch Mona's will. There Mona gives Homer the task of scattering her ashes over Springfield Monument Park, at 3pm. Homer does so, throwing her ashes off the top of the monument into a lake down below. But the wind blows them back into a missile launch bay. Homer concludes that Mona used him for one last hippie protest.

Homer is shot at by guards and then captured, and tied to a chair. Homer makes things up to his mother by fulfilling her real last wish of stopping a missile launch that will send nuclear waste to the Amazon Rain Forest, he does it for his mother, and his daughter. With Bart's Swiss Army Knife, Marge's new Hemp Purse and Lisa's Pearl Earrings that Mona gave them, they rescue Homer and he destroys the base. Homer then releases Mona's ashes again, concluding that Mona would be proud of him.
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