Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
Production Code
Episode Number
16 December 2007
J. Stewart Burns
Chuck Sheetz
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Homer awakens one morning covered in snow, when he returns home he finds the entire family missing. He goes to Moe for some advice where Moe tells him that Homer needed to forget something so that he made him the Forget-Me-Shot. Worried, Chief Wiggum says that there was a domestic disturbance at his house the previous night. Homer manages to recall Chief Wiggum at his house and Marge with a black eye. Chief Wiggum tells Homer to speak to the person who filed the report, Ned Flanders. Homer goes to see Flanders, but gets no clues about what happened. Homer gets a memory from a photo of Marge, which shows two clips of Marge saying "Stop, Homer please" and Marge getting a black eye. Homer goes to the Retirement Castle to see Grampa who gives Homer some advice, that Professor Frink can help restore Homer's Memory.

Now under a machines aid, Homer goes into his own memory to try and recall the events of the previous evening. Homer sees a man's arm, with Marge and suspects that she may be having an affair. Homer seeks help from a memory-based version of Bart and Lisa. Lisa tells Homer that he should move the champagne bottle that's blocking his view, but the entire frame moves with it. Bart says that he can get his memory to work by hitting it so the three constantly jump on the ground. It turns out that the man Marge was with is Duffman.

Homer comes out of the machine suspecting that it made him realise that his life is worthless, he goes to the Springfield Bridge where he decides to commit suicide until Patty and Selma tell him that will make them happy and they shove him off. Homer sees his life flash before his eyes, including last night, as it would turn out, Marge and Duffman were arranging a surprise party, and Homer accidentally hit Marge in the eye with the cork of the champagne bottle. Homer realises that Marge wasn't having an affair and that he didn't hurt her. Homer then falls into a moon bounce on a boat and arrives instantly at his surprise Party.

Lenny and Carl tell Homer that the reason he had the Forget-Me-Shot was so that he could remain surprised. Homer makes it a night to remember by not drinking too much.
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