The Debarted
Production Code
Episode Number
02 March 2008
Joel H. Cohen
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Bart shows up late for school there is a new kid sitting in his seat named Donny. Outside, Donny pulls a prank on the school and Bart gets his own back by placing metal sheets in Skinner's shoes and using magnets from below the stage, plays a prank on Skinner himself and sends him outside into a trolley full of retainers. Skinner demands to know who did it and Donny takes the blame for Bart. In Skinner's office, Skinner and Donny agree that Donny will get inside of Bart's pranking organization and bring him down from the inside. The next five of Bart's pranks are all foiled, then Bart is given a tip from Groundskeeper Willie that there is a mole in Bart's Group. Initially, he blames Milhouse, and soon discovers that it was Donny after discovering that Principal Skinner's tongue is Blue from a Blue Twizzlers. Bart and Nelson bring Donny to the school where they get their revenge on Donny which in itself was a set up by Groundskeeper Willie. As Bart is being led away, Donny saves Bart from Principal Skinner.
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