Dial N for Nerder
Production Code
Episode Number
09 March 2008
Carolyn Omine
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Marge that Homer is well out of shape, she hires a Nutritionist to help Homer diet. He gains seven pounds in the first week. Marge calls for a reality TV Show to film Homer's movements to ensure that he isn't cheating on his diet. While Marge made the call to the reality show, she sends Bart and Lisa out of the house where they go to the National Park and meet up with Martin, who is digging for arrow heads. Bart, bored, uses Sideshow Mel's bone and buries it claiming to be a discovery. It is attached to a wire and as he raises it, it hits Martin on the head and he falls over the railing down a cliff. Fortunately he has not fallen far enough yet. Lisa tires to help Martin by providing a stick for him to grab on to, but accidentally nudging him further down the cliff, Bart and Lisa both assume that Martin is seriously hurt, and both are guilty about it.

On the news, Chief Wiggum pronounced Martin dead by a cougar. At a funeral service for Martin, Nelson starts to conduct some theories since starts speculating that it was no accident. Nelson starts investigating while Bart and Lisa both try to avoid the subject. Bart decides to attend to Martin's butterflies and Lisa follows where she ends up yelling that they killed Martin, Nelson caught the announcement on tape. Just then Martin himself shows up and as it turns out he was saved by his underwear which were extra elastic, and as the cougar pulled on Martin's shirt, he was flown to an island in the middle of a lake. He spent three days constructing a raft to return to civilisation with.

Meanwhile the TV crews are still following Homer where, he is eventually busted in a Pudding Restaurant. There Marge finds out that the TV Crew were trying to break Homer and Marge up, and she decides to stick with Homer.
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