Funeral for a Fiend
Production Code
Episode Number
25 November 2007
Michael Price
Rob Oliver
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer and Bart go to the store to purchase a Camera Battery, they buy a Tivo as well. Lisa installs it on the TV and the family (especially Marge) use it to skip the commercials. While half asleep, Marge has a vision that Keith Olbermann says that Marge is the worst person on Earth, and she starts to watch the commercials. One that the family watches is for a Rib Hut. The family go there only to find that it is a trick from Sideshow Bob (Voiced by Kelsey Grammer). Sideshow Bob ties the Simpsons up (including Maggie) and says that a laptop computer battery will explode and detonate some TNT. He leaves them with a Shakespeare Quote and gets it wrong for Lisa to correct him, she also tells him to look it up which he does so on the laptop computer by going to Wikipedia, the laptop explodes and Sideshow Bob is arrested.

At his trial, Bart constantly accuses Bob of various things, and results in him pulling out some Nitroglycerin. Bart snatches it, throws it out the window, and Sideshow Bob collapses. Bob's Father (voiced by John Mahoney) who was on the stand and a doctor is quick enough inject Bob with a serum that will simulate death. Dr. Hibbert seconds after announces Bob's "death" and accuses Bart of it.

At the Funeral, Cecil (voiced by David Hyde Pierce) talks to Bart saying that Bart should make peace with Bob. Bart goes to the Funeral House and tries to make peace with Sideshow Bob. Just then Bob grabs a Knife, steps out of the coffin and throws Bart in it and locks it, and then activates it for cremation. Francesca, Gino, Cecil, and his parents join Bob in gloating.

Meanwhile at the house Milhouse's feet get tired from his paper round and Lisa gets suspicious and rushes the family to the funeral house to Bart's aid. Homer and Marge stop the cremation and save Bart. Lisa reveals all and the entire Terwilliger Family is arrested with Sideshow Bob in a straight jacket.
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